Swing From His Bandolier

We have all come to love Sia’s epic “Chandelier” MV, featuring Dance Moms star Maddie Zigler. There are tons of parodies to count, but this one is pretty epic. Lets just say this one goes “galaxies far, far away” and beyond all the others. That’s right peeps, it’s a Star Wars mashup, and its awesome.

The best part? The nude colored Sansha jazz boots. Teehee.

I Choose You!

I have two words for you: Pokemon Ballet. Yes, it exists and it is amazing. The 30 minute ballet, choreographed by Andrew Plotner, is based on the 1996 Pokemon Red video game. It covers all of the bases from choosing your starter Pokemon to battling other trainers. It’s even complete with appearances by Professor Oak, Nurse Joy, and Team Rocket. Teehee… All Artistic Directors should take note, and seriously consider replacing their spring programming or immediately announcing it for their 2015-2016 season.

Too many people go to the ballet wanting the circus.

Ryan Wenzel, Social Media for Lincoln Center

It’s sad, but true. Honestly, sometimes ballet dancers do the same thing. Quote via Twitter. Follow him @rpwnz.

Dancing Naked

The video above is somewhat NSFW, or school. So yeah… Proceed with caution, if YouTube allows you.

Ok so we’re probably never going to make a naked dancing video, here at DOTB, but not to worry VH1 already has. Oddly enough it’s kind of cute. Usually we see public nudity as something overly sexual or vulgar, but this video turns it into something playful. Check it out!

Daddy's Version Of The Bun

Ok, so you’ve seen the video of a dad putting his daughter’s hair into a pony tail. No? Well I’m too lazy to find the link for you. Anyways, this dad one ups it, and easily gets his girl’s hair into a bun. You’ve got to admit that it’s pretty cute that she get’s to practice her turns while getting her hair done. Very fitting for every little girl on her way to ballet class!

Your Best Body: Take a Nap

See… Even Pointe Magazine is totally in on taking naps before various times throughout the rehearsal day. I just like to take it a step further and extend those times by a good 10-20 minutes. I also plan on using this as an excuse for being late for anything.

Harlem Shake - Colorado Ballet Edition

Here it is… Colorado Ballet does the Harlem Shake! Any guesses on who’s underneath that mouse head?

Sean And Cara Get Down (Geddan ゲッダン)

A soldier mouse takes his anger out two unsuspecting Colorado Ballet dancers in, “Sean And Cara Get Down: The Ballad Of The Soldier Mouse,” a video from Dancing Outside The Bun.

Neglectful Parent

I’d like to welcome everyone to the New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing holiday season, I sure do know that I did! So, I know that I’ve been neglecting Dancing Outside The Bun the past couple months. A big sorry to everyone. I didn’t know that people actually paid attention to my blog and actually missed it while I took some time away from it. So once again sorry for that.

The reason I took time off from DOTB was because I went crazy and decided to start a new YouTube channel and Facebook page called Dancing Kpop Style.


I know that just about all of you don’t follow Kpop music, but I think all of you should check it out! There, I review and give mini dance tutorials for some of the top Kpop hits. It provides the same banter and silliness that DOTB has. The best part of all of it is that I’m pretty consistant with it, every week I put out a new video for all of you to enjoy. So why not tag along, watch fun videos, and learn some new dance moves! Hey, maybe you’ll “LIKE” it and want to “SUBSCRIBE” on YouTube! Here’s a few links to get you started.

So there you have it! Don’t worry, I’ll still update DOTB with new content, and I’ll make sure to keep it just as fun and entertaining as always. Sorry again that I’ve been a neglectful parent to DOTB, but I hope you’ll stay with me and follow me along with all of my adventures. Thanks guys XOXO!

And to those that would scream, “Get a real job!” to me, I say to you: This is a real job. This is something I spent years studying to perfect, and that happens to bring a lot of people great joy. In other countries where culture has a higher value among the general population, artists are very well respected and treated as if they are contributing to society, which they certainly are. And I would argue that if more Americans were taught to value the importance of the arts, this would improve our lives, our attitudes, and even our economy.

Jennifer Rivera - Opera Singer And Blogger

Despite your political views, Jennifer points out a few things that we should continue to take into consideration. Check out the rest of her article, "Why Anyone Who Values The Arts Should Care About This Election."

Left Behind
Someone was munching on Animal Crackers in the guy’s restroom, but it looks like our secret stall snacker left behind three of his little friends. It’s a sad thing that they will never make the voyage into neither a mouth nor a toilet.

Left Behind

Someone was munching on Animal Crackers in the guy’s restroom, but it looks like our secret stall snacker left behind three of his little friends. It’s a sad thing that they will never make the voyage into neither a mouth nor a toilet.

Mustachio Man

With the run of CB’s “Sleeping Beauty” underway, the challenge for all of the company men to maintain their facial grooming for a whole month has once again come around. However, just because it’s a mandatory task, it doesn’t mean they all can’t have fun with it. Check out this photo series from Corps dancer, Rylan Schwab. Here he shows us all of the steps he takes to get to a clean shaven face. I’m not really sure what look he was going for with the Derpy face, but whatever, Derpy faces are always fun.

Puss In Boots Style - Gangnam Style (강남스타일) Parody

Dancing Outside The Bun and the dancers of Colorado Ballet present, “Puss In Boots Style”, a parody of PSY’s “Gangnam Style”

Open (Free) Happiness

It’s always seems like when I want a soda from a vending machine, I never have cash or pocket change on me. It’s so frustrating! If only we had a few of these Coke vending machines that accept the execution of a few dance moves as payment for an ice cold Coke in return. If you can’t perform the moves, you don’t get the beverage, which might mean that you probably didn’t need that Coke in the first place. Maybe we should get a few of these in the US. Sadly though, this machine exists only in South Korea… Sigh.

Twenty some years ago, I went to the opera house in Tulsa, OK for the first time because my second grade computer teacher took it upon herself to organize a field trip to the Marriage of Figaro. Tomorrow… 2000 kids [will] see the Sleeping Beauty, most visiting the theatre for the first time and many coming from 2+ hours away, and I know we will change some lives as mine was. I’m honored to see this production knowing the impact of arts and arts education in our community, knowing our beautiful, hard working dancers, and (hopefully) knowing what I’m doing.

Anne O’Connor, Colorado Ballet Director Of Education

While kids may not know about everything that goes into the production of a ballet, it is always a great reward, for everyone, when you see the smiles of children as they watch the performance or when they leave the theatre. All of us should continue to keep pushing forward to promote the arts in our communities, to further benefit and enrich the lives of everyone.